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Who we are.

Your Technical  Training 

Program Partners


Our Leadership Team


Melissa Boutwell

President, Founder

“Our entire industry is facing skilled labor shortages and simultaneous complex technical change. This is

a big opportunity for companies willing to think differently and get in front of this today.  We are helping our clients turn this problem into a real opportunity."

david norvell headshot.png

Dave Norvell

O+M Programs

“After 20+ years of loving what I do, leading institutional operations to deliver

High Performance Buildings

I want to help your workforce reach its’ true potential and love their jobs!”

Hugh Fain Photo.jpg

Hugh Fain

Contractor Programs

“I started as an apprentice in the trades and passionately worked my way up over 20+ years. Now, I’m giving back to grow a legacy of excellence in the next generation.”


Sushunova Kupke

Training Operations

“Today’s students don’t know about our industry! 

I didn’t find it myself until after completing a Masters in Engineering.  Now, I’m giving back by helping others discover this career path to get across their career goal line.”


Educational Outreach 

ASP is proud to be a part of the

University of Central Florida's

Business and Technology

Economic Development Program. 

Our offices are located on UCF property.

ASP is an important bridge organization providing pathways for students to find our industry and connect with our clients.

ASP also supports instructors with classroom resources and "externships" within our industry.  We are affiliated with schools nationwide to assist our clients in connecting with students in their markets. 

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