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The OT Cybersecurity Specialist Advantage

Upon completion of this 12-month program, your employee will be a certified OT Cybersecurity Specialist, recognized by multiple US Government agencies and the state of Florida Department of Education. Your employee will understand how to recognize, assess, mitigate, and respond to operational system cybersecurity threats.

This advanced-level work is designed for mid- and senior-level employees with expertise in your operational systems. The program entails:

  • An average of 3 hours of weekly online coursework

  • On-the-job learning activities including:

    • Recognizing and documenting OT threats to security​

    • System hardening exercises in virtual lab sandboxes 

    • Vulnerability assessment, mitigation, and response plans

    • Stakeholder communications skills development 

  • Work with an in-house mentor, such as Dir. of Operations

While 12 months is allowed to complete the program, learners progress at their own pace and can complete it in less time.

Systems Specialist iStock-1352825048.jpg

Who Should Enroll

This program is offered to all public sector entities in the 67 counties of Florida. It is also provided to any municipality entity across the United States and any critical infrastructure commercial business such as chip manufacturers, industrial manufacturers, healthcare, military contractors, food producers, and others.

The typical recommended individual to enroll:

  • Has 5 to10 years of experience with the operational systems of the organization

  • Is a mid- to senior-level employee

  • Can be from an IT background involved with operational technology

  • Has the potential to be able to interface with management in the organization

What they will learn:

The learner will gain the skills to demonstrate 17 specific competencies related to operational technology cybersecurity. In addition, they will acquire CompTIA Security+ certification.

What is Unique to this Program

Exceptional Quality

This is a certified Career Roadmap program, similar to a registered apprenticeship program.

As a registered program, the learner earns credentials that are recognized by Florida as well as multiple US Agencies

The organization advances in OT cybersecurity skill sets through required internal mentorship and direct supervisor interaction.

Support Provided to Employers Upon Enrollment
The program is designed so the employer, the learner, internal mentor, direct supervisor benefit from:


Customized Onboarding Support


Weekly and Quarterly Progress Updates


Learner Support with Curriculum and Work/Life Balance Issues


Online learning lab

Virtual Lab Sandbox

CompTIA Security Testing and Certification

On-the-job learning exercises 

Internal Mentor Moments


The cost for the comprehensive OT Cybersecurity Specialist Program is $4,995.00

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