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Solutions We Offer


 Workforce Solutions 

  • The Emerging Technology Apprenticeship Program
    ASP has established the first nationally accredited controls-based apprenticeship program through our “school” called The Emerging Technology Apprenticeship Program. The Emerging Technology Apprenticeship Program is designated by the United States Department of Labor as an IT program for OT jobs critical to national infrastructure and is accredited to issue credentials to graduates like a college. Employer Members of The Emerging Technology Apprenticeship Program gain access to an exclusive network of resources and solutions offered only through ASP. Learn More Today.
  • Workforce Development Partnerships
    ASP has established and maintained a strong network of strategic partnerships to deliver the most valuable workforce development solutions. Examples include OEM partnerships to ensure technical training stays dynamically linked to the emerging technology you need your staff to use fluently. Other examples include federal, state, and local workforce resources needed to attract new workers and scale your organization's growth.
  • Workforce Analytics
    ASP partners gain actionable insight empowering them to lead workforce development at their company in less than 15 minutes a month. See trends, skill gaps, overlap maps, and workforce risk alarms with a click of a mouse. Drill down into the details by division, region, or occupation.
  • Branded Learning Hubs
    Distribute an organization's learning strategy quickly and effectively. Our cloud-based platform allows organizations to stand up branded solutions tuned specifically to the needs of our industry. Branded Learning Hubs can be populated quickly from a vast library of technical courses and dynamically linked to third-party content. Learning paths can be developed and tuned to an organization's specific needs. This creates a holistic learning experience and a mechanism to keep staff current with rapidly changing technology, workflows, campus information, and project tactics.
  • Momentum Management
    These services ensure the actions required to maintain program momentum are sustained while you are busy with your business and taking care of your customers.



We advocate for our clients to establish strategic partnerships with key intermediaries required to scale their workforce development initiatives within specific market geographies.

Example intermediary partnerships we enable to help establish a pipeline: 
 Federal Department of Labor

☑︎ Veterans Administration Placement Agencies
☑︎ College and University Placements
☑︎ State and local workforce development boards
☑︎ National associations and local chapters
☑︎ Industry Coalitions


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