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Gain Competitive Advantage

Lead in your markets with a better way to build your team.

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You’ve chosen the right operational technology systems.

You have the right processes with your company way.

Now you need the right people.


ASP helps you build your best team.

Upskill.  Retain.  Manage.  Find.  Sustain.

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Step-By-Step Development with Strategic Career Roadmaps

ASP has done the deep work to establish job codes, competencies, and occupational learning paths for critical infrastructure emerging technology roles.

Entry-Level Occupations

  • Automation Specialist

  • Controls Specialist

  • Controls First Responder

  • Facilities Specialist

Advanced-Level Occupations

  • Systems Specialist

  • Integration Design Specialist

  • Technology Project Specialist

  • OT Cybersecurity Specialist

  • Application Specialist

  • IT Specialist

ASP is accredited by the US Department of Labor to issue credentials to your employees


Four Unique Advantages of Accreditations

  1. Competitive advantage on government contracts

  2. Financial advantage for labor budgets, taxes and benefits

  3. Recruitment advantage for front line access to veterans

  4. Retention advantage for providing what employees want

Scale Your Team's Capabilities

Because you don't have time or resources, we partner with you to deliver what every critical infrastructure team requires.

Full team assessment

So you don't have to assume what someone knows

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Wage surveys

To be confident in your pay structure

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Documentation of employee productivity gains

To enable pay increases for productivity increases

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Labor Cost Management

So you can better compete for projects 

Monthly onboarding so you can start fast.

3 Steps To

Get Competitive Advantage Quickly

Get Clarity On What You Need

Answer a few questions to pinpoint the most critical pain points in preparation for a short call  >>


Consult With Us

Review our turnkey solutions and get your questions answered  >>


Build the Team You Need

We'll guide you through the steps to get started and what to expect in the first 90 days


Need a Custom Enterprise-Wide Solution?

Multi-location employers needing to standardize upskilling, retention and sustaining across locations turn to ASP’s Enterprise Solution.

You CAN Overcome Workforce Barriers

ASP is your turnkey solution to upskill current employees, find new talent, and retain valuable team players.

We save you time.

We give you step-by-step pathways to success.

We simplify building the team you need.

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