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2024 Florida Cybersecurity Initiative 

Florida Public Employers: Where do you stand on OT Cybersecurity?

Cyber terrorists make it their profession to disrupt your operations, not just steal data.

City, county, and state facilities are targets. Disrupting operations can cause public panic and distrust. 


So don't let it. Learn how public and private entities can develop highly skilled in-house professionals to protect your critical infrastructure.


Evolution of Cybersecurity in Florida

Florida is committed to cybersecurity on operational systems.

The Florida legislature (Chapter 1004.444) declared it a priority to protect Florida's critical infrastructure from cyber attacks that risk paralyzing communities and local economies.

The Florida Department of Education and the US Department of Labor turned to ASP, Inc. to develop a program to upskill public operational technical employees in all 67 counties.

And to do it fast.

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Why should public sectors care?

Cyber Defense Magazine states that cyber attacks on city and municipal governments more than doubled in 2023.

Atlanta, New Orleans, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Dallas, Chicago, Nashua, New Hampshire, and Lowell, Massachusetts all succumbed to cyber attacks in 2023.

Municipalities everywhere risk:

  • Increased insurance costs, or cancellation of insurance

  • Significant financial loss from ransomware or disrupted operations

  • Damage to systems and services interruption

  • Loss of public confidence 

In Florida, county boards, municipal directors, port authority leaders, public hospital operation heads and engineering leaders are the first line of defense to:

  • Protect local communities from loss of services

  • Assess vulnerabilities and mitigate threats

  • Professionalize technical teams in OT Cybersecurity

Public sectors most affected:

Let's get started

No matter the size or location of your jurisdiction, significant critical infrastructure such as power grids, water supplies, and transportation systems are at risk. Enroll your senior technical employees in this new program to upskill your team.  You'll be able to better safeguard your vital systems from cyber threats and help ensure continuity of services.


Take a few minutes to watch a video from our Chief Impact Officer, Bill Behn, on the hows and whys of this important state initiative, then schedule a call to learn how to enroll your senior technical team member.

Where ASP comes in.

Get prepared.

ASP makes available to Florida the only national and state-credentialed OT Cybersecurity Specialist program. Enroll direct or through University of South Florida Corporate Training and Professional Education.

What you get:

  • Federal and state OT Cybersecurity certification 

  • On-the-job activities that help organizations better secure systems starting day 1

  • 12-month online curriculum with the depth of a Registered Apprenticeship but designed for mid-career learners

  • Virtual lab sandbox tools where learner employees train before applying skills to real operations

  • Weekly and quarterly management reports keeping organizations on PACE

  • Focuses on vulnerability assessment, response management, and stakeholder engagement

COST: $4995


Take action today with our OT Cybersecurity flyer.

Operational Technology Cybersecurity Specialist flyer

Download the Curriculum Flyer to see the details.

Click here to download

Only one simple step now to comply.

Enroll an OT employee into Florida's DOE-credentialed OT Cybersecurity Specialist upskilling career roadmap.

This can be your best line of defense.

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